1Brand Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


1Brand Review: 1Brand empowers marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs to create beautiful, customized brand guidelines in just a few minutes. Imagine if creating a brand guidelines website was as simple as entering a URL and making updates, only taking a few more clicks to share with your team.

The editor to add, adjust, label, and organize these three core features with the option to go back at any point to make further adjustments. When you’re done, select from pre-populated and customized cover images before you publish your brand guidelines.

The Colors editor lets you label, adjust, rename, and add new colors, using tags to keep things organized. In the Logos editor, save hours of tedious production as you upload a high-resolution logo and let the system change file formats into JPGs, PNGs, and more.

Buy 1Brand Lifetime Deal for $59.00

1Brand Review

With 1Brand, you’ll be able to manage all of your brand assets from a single location, making it easy to access assets when you need them. That means you’ll never have to spend another lunch break trying to find that alternate logo you remember making.

The Agency plan allows you to create brand guidelines for an unlimited number of clients. Because not every client needs the same functionality, Agency clients have two tiers: Basic and Pro. You can easily track your Pro and Basic Clients with the ability to upgrade clients as the business grows, giving you maximum flexibility for current and future partnerships.

With 1Brand, you’ll harness your brand’s full power by collaborating, viewing, and sharing guidelines. You can add, review, and remove members while setting roles for your team to control their level of access to the guidelines.

The days of tediously assembling brand guidelines, only to have to update them again sooner rather than later. 1Brand automates brand guideline creation, letting you scale your processes, save time, and add client value with guidelines that are a cinch to share.

Get Appsumo 1Brand in the Deal for $59.00

1Brand Features Plans 

    • Unlimited users

    • 256 colors, logos, and fonts

    • Logo clearspace

    • Color models

    • Logo file types

    • Guideline cover logo

    • Premium cover designs

    • PDF export (Pro clients)

    • Draft guidelines

    • Publishing

    • Embedded guidelines

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