1Password app for iOS update to version 5.5


1Password is one of the most popular password manager application, by using this app users can creat strong, unique passwords and now this application got updated to version 5.5 which brings number of helpful enhancements and with this update you can easily switch between your vaults with a couple of clicks, choose between opening 1Password with Touch ID or your master password on the unlock screen, and add your credit or debit card’s PIN to the Apple Watch. Here let us see what are the new things that are added in version 5.5

  • Now users can switch between the vaults with a couples of taps.
  • Access Touch ID after canceling it with a handy new button on the Master Password screen.
  • Credit Card items added to Apple Watch now include PIN codes.
  • We will find new and improved HTTP warning system to 1Browser, which is a built-in web browser.
  • The main 1Password and extension now share the unlock settings.


In this latest version there are many enhanced features along with some smaller improvements and currently this updated version is available on Apple App Store. The application is supported by iPad, iPhone and also it offers Apple Watch app for iPhone. Interested candidates can download this application from App Store.

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