2 Cars for iOS Review


2 Cars by Ketchapp is definitely one of the most addictive games on the play store. It is a simple game, in theory. You have two cars (red and blue) on the screen. As you move forward you are supposed to collect the round objects while avoiding the square ones. Sounds simple, right. The fun part is that you have to do this simultaneously for both the cars.

The screen is divided into two parts of two lanes each. The left one is for the red car whereas the right one is for the blue car. When the game starts, the cars begin to move forward slowly. The speed increases as the time passes. Your goal is to collect all the circular objects while avoiding the square ones. Failing to collect the circle or hitting a square one will end your game.

Now, what makes the game unique is that if it were called one car and featured, you guessed it right one car then the game would have been like any other endless runner. The second car adds the chaos to the game as the brain can properly focus on one car at a time. You end up crashing due to negligence or tapping the wrong section quite often. It increases the fun as well as the frustration at times.

You will need either great eye to hand combination or lots of practice to score some points as most people fail to control the cars properly when they try it for the first time. The game features a soothing background track which helps you focus as you try to avoid the squares while catching the circles and once you get going the time starts to fly by as you are immersed deeper into the game. The joy of beating your high score or that of your friend is going to be great, believe me.

It is a simple yet addictive game and the best part is that it is available for free on the App Store. You can get it from here.

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