4 reasons why every teacher should use IOS


As technology continues to expand exponentially, it is vital to incorporate some of its uses in a classroom setting.

The iPad is useful in a variety of ways. With this gadget, teachers can project its contents to the students via the screen. Instructors can use a laser pointer to manipulate the iPad instead of touching the screen and blocking the pupils’ view.

Image: Organize your busy schedule with the interactive calendar on your iOS

Do you want to share past high school essays with your students? Use an IOS smartphone to zoom in on the highlighted texted you wish to discuss.

Here are the other four reasons you should be using IOS as a teacher:

  • Record Everything that’s Happening on your iPad

After recording the entire classroom lecture, students can re-visit all the information shared within class time, thus, increasing their grasp on the subject matter. Once you turn on this recording in the settings, the iPad will record everything that appears on its screen, including all the narrations. You can, therefore, ask students to show you everything they’ve done in the apps.

Moreover, you can turn on the zoom controller and have a pointer that will show up in the video saved in the camera roll.

By holding down a specified key on the keyboard, you’ll be able to see some alternate characters that you can use in your typing. For example, if you’d like to use the degree symbol into your text, hold down the zero and slide it up. A degree symbol will immediately pop up on your screen for usage.

To access the different currencies symbols, hold down the dollar sign and see a few coins symbols appear on the screen.

You can also get accented characters by long-pressing some of the alphabetic characters like “e” and “n.” As a teacher, you can’t downplay the importance of accents on a word.

Create a trackpad area that moves together with your cursor by touching the keyboard with two fingers. Although the letters on the keyboard will disappear, do not panic. Just drag those fingers around the keyboard area and witness the cursor land wherever you want.

  • Quickly Reorganize your Home Screen

In iOS 11, Apple made the re-organization of apps more accessible. Rather than move a single app at a time, you can now long-press an app until it jiggles. Tap on other icons using a second finger to stick them behind that one jiggling icon.

Consequently, you can stack several icons from a page, drag the stack to another page, and add some more apps. There is no limit to the number of pages the stuck moves. After grouping your icons, you can place them on one screen or put them in their home folder.

  • Edit a Photo on the Camera Roll Without Using an App

Draw anything on the pictures saved on the camera roll without using an app. Add shapes or even magnifiers to enrich a photo.

While in the Photos app, click on edit. Three dots will be representing the more button. Also, there will be a marker icon for markup tools.

Popping up from the bottom is a sketch pencil, an eraser, a pen, a lasso, and a highlighter. Moreover, there are several tools, including a text tool where you can add arrows and your signature.

When you finish editing a photo using the complete suite of drawing tools, click done and save your annotations right there on the image.  Share that photo, use it in a project, or leave it in your Photo Library.

By learning more about these tips and tips, you can save a whole lot of time and energy. 

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