$4,000 gold iPhone X to commemorate the Royal Wedding


The Royal Wedding has got the whole of England as well as the whole World on their feet. The Royal Wedding is all over the news and pretty much everywhere else too. How can the iPhone X be left out? How about a $4000 gold iPhone X to commemorate the Royal Wedding.

Produced by Goldgenie, which specializes in decorating gadgetry, each Gold iPhone X Elite – 24K Gold Royal Wedding Edition costs a staggering $4000. Covered in gold around the sides and rear, The Company has only made 99 of these custom-made iPhone X handsets and each one of these features an engraving of Harry and Meghan on the back.

The iPhone X Elite has the same specifications and exactly the same internal as Apple’s regular £999 stock gadget. The only difference is the precious metal used for the decoration purpose. The Company offers gold-encrusted versions of the iPhone X in both the storage variants of 64 and 256 GB capacities, the Royal Wedding Commemorative devices has been only limited to the higher end 256-GB variant.

“This particular version launched in anticipation of one of the world’s most publicized weddings to date features a truly one-of-a-kind touch as it bears a hand-crafted image of Prince Harry and his bride Ms. Meghan Markle,” the company explains on its sale page. “For those who simply cannot get enough of their love story and want to own a piece of royal history, this is indeed the ultimate gift.” It said.

Well, if the iPhone looks this classy, so should be the box it comes in. The device is sold in a luxury cherry oak finish presentation box, accompanied by a pair of white EarPods, the USB charging cable, a 5-watt USB power adapter, and its documentation.

The Gold iPhone X Elite limited-edition Royal Wedding handset is priced at $3964.16 to be exact. However, the cost is a whopping $4000, Goldgenie has given customers certain offers to get it. The device can be bought with a 50 percent up-front deposit.

For those who are head-over-heels about this marriage, there is an alternative option available. iPhone is available in a model that has VS1 brilliant-cut diamonds covering the rear Apple logo. The cost of this luxurious variant is $4604.18 in total.

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