5 Apps that Help Rich Millennials with Jets, Booze and Paid Dates


A normal birthday party includes hanging out with your friends at your favorite bar and cutting a cake that eventually ends up on your face. But do you know how the rich millennial kids party, even when it’s not their birthday? They hire red-carpet limousines, private jets with champagne, and most importantly, escorts for company. 

Arranging all the above can be really difficult if you don’t have a resourceful secretary. If you have the cash, and a smartphone, you can take into service all the above with a few taps. Here are 5 apps that can provide you with the ultimate rich-kid experience.


This is a dates-on-demand app that lets you hire paid-dates. The app is legal and does not promote illegal activity, yet, it does hint the possibility that you can hire escorts. Rich young millennials, use this app extensively to go on a long vacation with paid dates. If the affluent millennials want escorts exclusively, they use Peppr, an app that provides safe escort service explicitly.

Elite Limousine App

When taking a trip to the hangar, it’s better to roll out in style. Most rich kids have their own limousines, red carpet included. If it’s your birthday and you don’t have a limo, it can be arranged by the Elite Limousine App. Rides can be booked in seconds along with the type of car you’d like. Elite Limousine App offers black sedans and SUVs as well.     


A party without booze is like a cheeseburger without cheese. If you don’t have a bottle of Jack or a keg of beer to rock the party with, we suggest downloading Drizly. This small app connects you to the local liquor shops. You can go through their inventory, select and compare your poison, and request them to be delivered to your location.   


JetSmarter is a rich kid’s best friend. The company basically provides private jet services to its wealthy customers. Most of JetSmarter’s customers are well-to-do entrepreneurs, actors, and singer. The fact that it provides free flights to its members plays well with millennials looking to party. JetSmarter has a strong community built on its services. The company also organizes festive flights to the Sundance Festival and Miami Art Basel.    


So, the party is over and you’re hungover. Your best friend, for now, is a tall bottle of water. With the help of the Waterlogged app, you can keep a tab on your hangover by making sure you’re drinking enough water. You can integrate the app with other health apps. 

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