5 Best weather apps for iPhone


Weather app are very useful when you want to check the temperature of any place and when rainfall will come. For instance if you are visiting to any place and you want to know about the weather of that particular place then weather apps help you better. Coming to the iPhone Apple has integrated their weather app with the edge-to-edge graphics along with ingenious and sumptuous animations.

But is known fact that built-in apps lacks the features and so most of the users look out for the developer apps which would be developed by the great designers and developers. There are lot of weather apps available in the Apple iTune store which are perfect alternative to the Apple’s built-in weather app. Though there are lot of weather apps available, the difficult thing is choosing the right app from them. Let us see here some best weather apps for iPhone.

 5 Best weather apps for iPhone

1. Perfect Weather


Perfect weather is the beautiful app offers the balanced view of the weather and it is available exclusively in United States as it aggregates from NOAA. Most of the weather apps are loaded with lot of data, while some apps are designed beautiful rather than useful, but Perfect weather perfectly balances the interface and productivity. If you don’t want the advanced weather app then this is the perfect weather app for you. It costs $2.99 and download from below link.

Download Perfect weather

2.Weather Line


Weather Line is ranked number one weather app in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain, Greece, Taiwan and more than 25 countries. It combines the best parts of the both dark sky and forecast services. It provides the accurate rain forecast and along with the great precipitation data, Weather Line graphs weather in more meaningful and productive ways we have ever seen, through the series of beautiful and graphs which are easy to read. It is the paid app costs $2.99.

Download Weather Line

3. Weather underground


Weather underground is one of the best weather app for iPhone which provides the accurate weather forecast in addition to the satellite maps, interactive radar, severe weather alerts and also offers notification center widget support. In background it is powered by community of weather enthusiasts who report the live information regarding weather and this crowd sourced data generates the forecasts that are targeted the location precisely. It displays the 10 days forecasts completely along with hour to hour information and it also provides the historical data which let you to compare current temperatures with past ones.

This is available for free, but comes with In-App-purchases. You can download this app from the below link.

Download Weather underground 

4. Shade


Shade provides the clear and structured overview of weather of the day. It is the minimalistic weather client for iOS which provides weather details of many locations with the options for 7 day forecasts and presents the precipitation and temperature information graphically and alerts you with the notifications and more. You can view the temperature in any unit your wish from Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Rankine. Enter the location which you are monitoring and hold your finger and drag it to view the weather information throughout the day.

There is a small drawback with this app as it uses GPS in the background, so this will decrease the battery life of your phone. It is the paid app available for $1.99

Download Shade 

5. Check the weather


Check the Weather is the simple weather app which is designed with an aim to provide the fast, clear and accurate weather information. Inspite of putting all the features into the crowded interface this app comes with the streamlined dashboard which provides easy access to advanced forecast details. If you wish to view the radar maps, tap on the dark sky section to see the current conditions. It also features the hazard weather alerts, live doppler radar and more. It is not the free app as you need to pay $0.99 to download it.

Download Check the weather app 

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