How to add Nyan Cat to iOS 8 Reachability view


Nyan Cat is an official iOS application designed by the creator of the brand new internet sensation, actually for every jailbreak generation a jail break tweak arrives to add the Nyan Cat to iOS 8 reachability view. It’s like Reach Nyan Cat which is a free jailbreak tweak. This is a good way and hard to includes on your phone.


Once after installing this Reach the Nyan Cat, navigate the settings application and activate the tweak, similar to all the tweaks which has standalone panel. For easy activation this tweak Reach the Nyan cat place a kill switch directly in the settings application.

After your Reach the Nyan Cat is activated, simply call reachability by double clicking on the your iPhone’s home button. You wants an activated devices like iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus to make full use of this tweak if you do this activated device then Reach the Nyan Cat is a great way to include little flavor to your phone.But one disappointment thing about this tweak is that you cannot find this Reach the Nyan Cat theme music anywhere.

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