How to add virtual home button on iPhone X homescreen


iPhone X comes with a number of changes and the features which have been implemented for the first time in an Apple smartphone. The absence of a physical home button to accomodate full screen display is one of those changes, which might take sometime to make users comfortable. The new iPhone X uses home bar, a gesture based area, which replaces the home button from the previous iPhones. However, till you get comfortable with the home bar, I am sure, home button will be the most missed feature on the new iPhone X.

A lot of users might want to use a home button just like they did in the previous iPhones. For those, this small guide will come handy to help them to get a virtual home button on the home screen. The guide allows them to get the most out of their screen to shift the display a little upside to make way for the home button. This can be done using the assistive touch technology, which has been used in older iPhones for years, however, it was never this helpful.

Let’s see how you can have a home button on the home screen

  • To enable home button using assistive touch, you will need to navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive touch and enable it.
  • If you want a home button which works exactly how it worked on a previous iPhone, you will need to configure the custom actions. For that, you can likely choose Home for Single Tap, Multitasking for Double Tap and Siri for Long Press. These features will then work exactly like how the home button worked for your previous iPhone.
  • Also, if you are not comfortable with accessing control Center by swiping from the upper right corner, Assistive Touch has a solution for that as well. Using assistive touch, you can add a quick access button for Control Center. Under 3D touch, just choose control Center and you can use it without having to swipe from top of your iPhone X.

iPhone X does allow a number of customisations. It allows you to adjust the Assistive Touch opacity of virtual home button. Under this feature, you can reduce the opacity to as little as 15% . while it is not in use and it does not impact your content a lot. Also, you can move around the home button as per your convenience to have a similar experience as the previous models of iPhone. Additionally, you can leave the app dock at the bottom empty so that the home button does not come in the way.

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