AI-powered Google News debuts on iOS App Store replacing Google Play Newsstand


Google had said in their I/O earlier this month that they plan to deliver a revamped news consumption app for iOS. Google launched Google News for iOS with machine learning capabilities, smart content organisation, and a fresh, uncluttered design.

Google News is a whole different than its predecessor. With the Google At in its core, Google’s new service is an attempt to curate information. Based on the advanced AI and ML algorithms, users can pare incoming stories into easily digestible chunks of Google calls newscasts. The format pulls in collections of articles, videos, images and other content about a single story from a variety of sources.

The app greets the user with a “For You” section that offers a brief overview of five stories picked based on past reading trends and inferred interests. Using its Machine Learning feature and like other curation-based apps, Google News applies its synthetic smarts to learn user preferences over time. Users can also tweak those guidelines by telling the app to show more or less content on a given topic or a given section of news.

The user can also notice a small Book-like icon alongside the box covering the news a “Full Coverage” feature under the Headlines section that allows users to view stories from a variety of sources, including social media services, as well as timelines for long-running issues. Google incorporated this feature in case a user wants to read the full depth of the news and every detail concerning the particular event.

The new refined, better and enhanced Google News replaces the search engine Giant’s retiring Google Play Newsstand, which was launched on iOS in 2014 as a news and magazine subscription hub. The users can download the Google News for iOS which is a free application of size around 125 MB from the App Store.

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