AirPlay 2 removed from iOS and tvOS 11.3, suggests HomePod multi room and stereo won’t arrive next month.


Apple has removed AirPlay 2 to support from both platforms, hinting that the feature will be delayed, until further down the road.

Lack of AirPlay 2 also indicated for HomePod will not be getting multi-room or stereo pairing when iOS 11.3 ships to the public which some have hoped for.

The inclusion of AirPlay in previous betas led many to believe that Apple wasn’t too far behind in its software for HomePod.

AirPlay 2 marks the first major revision to apple’s proprietary systems since it was introduced 7 years ago. Aside from HomePod features, AirPlay 2 will reduce latency. Apple never promised support for AirPlay 2 in iOS or tvOS 11.3, simply stating that it will be coming later this year.

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