AirPods 2: Features, Specs – do they beat current AirPods?


The release of the iPhone led to a massive backlash from consumers regarding the the earphone jack or the lack thereof.  With the wireless AirPods being released in limited supply at the end of 2016, it initially took time for consumers to warm up to the idea of not having a earphone jack and accepting the AirPods as the new way to do everything from listen to music to hear the news.

Even though the AirPods, like everything new, takes some getting used to in time you begin to appreciate the detailed hardware, the impeccable sound and everything else. Being wireless and still having more than 24 hours listening time is quite a feat for any tech company. With 15 mins in the charing case, the AirPods are given about 3 hours of charge. A considerably quality pair of earphones, which switches seemlessly between devices.

With the AirPods 2 due to arrive soon, the major change anticipated is basically that it will be Hey Siri accessible and adding water resistance . At the moment to access Hey Siri, you have to double tap on the earbuds. In the AirPods you can do it without use of your phone. Also AirPower will be a feature added where you can charge the AirPods on  charging pad.

In truth, if you are using your AirPods, you phone is 99% of the time going to be in your hand. So, the AirPods 2 release is not something I can see exciting many the consumer. Who knows though, even though the AirPods made a big splash the first time they were released, maybe not being affected by a splash will earn them the interest they want in the AirPods 2.

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