AlternateControls brings Android mark controls to iOS


Everyone knows it is silly to have Android inspired controls on iPhone, but through a new jailbreak AlternateControls it is possible to bring the Android trade mark controls to iOS software. That means famed back, menu and home buttons are now available in iOS software. This AlternateControls provides a new type of way to control iOS without using home button. To know more about this new jailbreak tweak watch the video provided in this link. Follow the bellow steps to use this new jailbreak tweak

  • Once you are done with installation of this new AlternateControls, you will find the preference panel with bunch of switches. Besides that standard-kill switch toggle and appearance can be switch up via three options which includes show touches, use modern icons and Invert colors.
  • Its better to use the use modern icons, because it will toggle between the classic Android inspired software buttons as well as new Android L inspired buttons.
  • The Activation methods are by using simple swipe gesture from the bottom of the screen, or you can opt for an activator gesture which provides much more flexibility.


  • In this tweak preference you need found several more options like how the software buttons are dismissed and haptic feedback and one more redeeming feature is a toggle that allows you to the software buttons to instantly between most used applications.

Once you activated the interface of AlternativeControls, then you can use software buttons to duplicate the home button functionality. The right button shows the App Switcher, middle button is home button and  left buttons changes depending upon the how you have configured the tweak. Tap and hold on the left button to bring the list of recently tweaks. If you have the Toggle Two Apps option enabled in the settings, use it to switch between two apps and the switching function can be used to gather the information between this two applications. Tap and hold gesture on the right most button to enable and disable the toggle two app mode.


If you keep toggle option off then the left button performs like a back button, tap and hold the home button to open the Siri and double tap on the same button to open the App Switcher. This is useful for those with malfunctioning buttons and for the users who wants to try something new. This AlternateControls is available right now on the big boss repo for $0.99

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