Although tablet market witnesses a decline, Apple extends market share in tablet sales

Tablet Market sales worldwide have shown a 13% decline in the 2nd quarter. But according to a leading research firm IDC’s reports, Apple has widened their market share in tablet sales. Apple Inc. in their earnings reported that they sold 11.5 million iPads in this quarter compared to the previous quarter, where they had sold 9.1 million iPads. IDC stated that this increase in sales in the 2nd quarter was possible due to the launch of the New iPad in 2018. Which has enabled Apple Inc’s Market share to rise from 29.9% last year to 34.5% this year “The launch of a new iPad and at the end of first quarter, combined with new improvements to the OS and renewed push in education, seems to be working well for the company”, the report said. “The iPad unit sales have grown for the 5th consecutive quarter, we gained a significant share of global tablet sales based on the recent report by IDC, ” CFO Luka Maestri said on the earnings call Tuesday “We recorded double-digit iPad sales growth in both our greater China and Asia-Pacific segments. With our new June quarter record for iPad sales in Mainland China, nearly half of our purchases were by customers new to the iPad product and our active installed base of iPads reached a new all-time high” Despite sales declining every year, Samsung ranks 2nd in tablet manufacture, followed by huawei which has a strong market sales position in Asia – Pacific region. Lenovo is ranked fourth and Amazon ranked fifth Overall both detachable and slate categories of Tablet sales have declined in this quarter, detachable categories of tablets sales have declined due to high profile 2nd quarter launches last year and the absence of them this year. Jithesh Ubrani, senior research analyst of IDC’s worldwide quarterly mobile device trackers said “Though customers and businesses alike have shown interest in detachable form factor, those operating on tighter budgets have had very few options available to them hence some have opted for traditional PCs. According to IDC’s standard definitions, slate tablets or traditional tablets are tablets without a committed external keyboard. Detachable Tablets like Microsoft surface and iPad Pro are meant to be used with the keyboard using an attachment like Apple’s Smart Connector.
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