Amazon announces Kindle Textbook creator for Mac



Amazon has today announced its own textbook composing app for Mac which allow you to publish on the Kindle Store. Back in 2012, Apple has announced same kind of app iBook Author app for Mac for creating the interactive textbooks on the iBookStore. Now its Amazon’s turn same kind of app for Mac which is currently available in beta for both Mac and PC.

This app offers the competitive benefit of publishing the interactive textbooks on the cross-platform Kindle Store which is available across almost all platforms such as iOS, Mac, Android, Windows and more. Kindle Textbook creator is released as the part of Kindle Direct Publishing effort program. This app let the educators to upload the eBooks in PDF format to Kindle Direct Publishing System, which creates the eBooks for distributing and enhancing them using flashcards and comes with features like highlighting and note-taking.


  • Notebook: Automatically captures the important passages and images and add them to notebook. Students were allowed to add their notes and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Multi-Color Highlighting: Important points will be highlighted and categorize so that users can refer them easily.
  • Flashcards: Flashcards can be created to study the important terms and definitions in every chapter with simple interface.
  • Dictionary: Search definitions and Wikipedia information for the unknown terms.
  • Buy once, read everywhere: Read eBooks on almost all tablets like Kindle Fire, iPad, Android Tablets, iPhone, Mac and other Smartphones.

This Kindle Direct Publishing program let the authors to reap revenue up to 70% from the distributed books without losing rights of their content. It also offers more marketing ways such as, Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle owner’s lending library and access to marketing tools like Kindle Countdown Deals and Free books promotions.

Download Kindle textbook creator for Mac

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