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Amazon, Apple battling to become the first trillion dollar company

Apple is the most valuable publicly listed company, but unfortunately it is at the risk of getting beaten by Amazon in the race to the $1 trillion mark. Even with Wall Street’s pro-Apple talk when the 10th anniversary rolled around, giving Apple  a $893 billion valuation, Amazon who was a $141 billion behind is catching up fast and steady.

Amazon’s stock has increased by a whooping 83% with more business going digital and Amazon being their first thought and option. With food, clothing and furniture being available online, Amazon is officially a provider of all of them. Human beings have to consume, and Amazon offers a fair way to provide that consumption.

With Berkshire Hathaway Inc  and JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Amazon joining hands to walk into the healthcare market to provide a cheaper alternative to healthcare. This is seen as competition to not only the U.S. healthcare system but also Apple who was recently making active steps to enter the healthcare market. Amazon has even beaten Microsoft in market capitalization only narrowly beat by Google. With Amazon’s growth rate faster than Apple and Google, it is set to beat both of them and reign supreme in market capitalization. 

At the end of the day, Amazon can be accessed from anywhere by anyone including through an iPhone while Apple is but a consumer product. Apple may be a fantastic brand with great ideas, but with Amazon covering so much ground, Apple may have a few worries.

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