Amazon Kindle App for iOS gains support for iPad split view



The Amazon Kindle App for iOS devices, which is designed to allow Amazon purchased E-Books to be read on the iPhone and iPad, was today updated with several features.

Update version 6.5, adds support for the iOS 9 split view feature on iPad. Now, you will be able to read your ebook while being able to respond to an imessage, or browse the web. Today’s update also brings support for a feature dubbed infinite scrolling. This feature allows you to read a book as if you are reading a blog in safari.

On compatible iPad models, there’s now support for split view, you can use the Amazon Kindle App side-by-side with other apps for multitasking while reading.

In addition to split view support, today’s update adds continuous scrolling. Once enabled, the features can be turned on and off using the Aa menu in your book.

New Features in Today’s updates are as follows:

1) Split View on iPad is here. Resize the app to multitask while reading without ever switching context.

2) Try scrolling through your book- just like a Web page. Turn continuous scrolling on via settings, then easily turn it on and off from the Aa menu in your book.

3) Pull down in the library to refresh your list of books.

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