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Analyst Predicts New Apple Pencil, ‘low-end’ $200 HomePod this fall

“Loooking at the success of Amazon’s Echo products we believe demand could exceed 10 million units this calendar year,” wrote Rosenblatt Securities’ Jun Zhang. Apple is forecast to ship about 6 million units of the full-size product.

Zhang didn’t propose what includes a moment HomePod model may have, however quite a bit of Amazon’s prosperity can be ascribed to the Echo Dot, which penances worked in sound quality in return for a $40-50 sticker price, about a large portion of the cost of a full-measure Echo. The distinction makes it down to earth to outfit various rooms with Amazon’s Alexa voice partner.

A less expensive HomePod would offer a comparative advantage for Siri, however Apple won’t not will to forfeit sound. The organization has touted the item as a speaker first and AI stage second, focuing its showcasing on advances like beamforming, room rectification, and the utilization of seven tweeters in addition to a committed woofer.

Independently, Zhang upheld the possibility that Apple’s 2018 lineup will incorporate things like a speedier iPhone SE and an iPad Pro with a TrueDepth camera. He additionally recommended the likelihood of a (Product)Red iPhone 8 Plus, with assessed shipments around 3 million.

“We do not expect a red iPhone X model since the metal frame is too challenging to paint,” Zhang wrote.

Surprisingly, the investigator anticipated another Apple Pencil, not only for the iPad Pro but rather for a reputed 6.5-inch “iPhone X Plus.” Giving the gadget a stylus may place it in more straightforward rivalry with Samsung’s Galaxy Note arrangement.

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