Analysts cast doubt on report of Apple’s transition to full OLED iPhone lineup in 2019


Some reports from South Korea’s has alleged that Apple‘s transformation to a full OLED iPhone list will be complete in 2019.

It would be the first time when Apple has depended completely on the organic light-emitting diode panel technology. Apple has not included LCD panels in any way this time. But now some analysts have replied to the report and disputed that the 2019 timeframe can be wrong.

Whereas there are talks about Apple’s incoming shift to a complete OLED iPhone lineup in 2019. Some shares of suppliers have reacted instantly in reply to these reports.

Analyst Arthur Liao with Fubon Securities has told that he hasn’t heard anything from his supply chain sources in Taiwan about these rumours. Many of the analysts are frequently pointing towards pricing as a problem.

IHS Markit analyst Jerry Kang has said that Apple wasn’t able to develop its iPhone X stock. Because of the market demand and price issues in recent times. Kang has also talked about Apple’s plan is to eventually go full OLED. But the real question is deciding what year the company will start that change.

In an attempt to decrease reliance on Samsung Display, Apple has spent billions of dollars to support LG get up and working with OLED technology. LG rumoured as a supplier for this year’s iPhone X Plus. Apart from that model, Apple is foretold to publish two other iPhones in 2018. One would be the second generation iPhone X and a low-cost. A 6.1-inch choice with an alike full-face display as marked on the iPhone X, but with LCD rather than an OLED display.

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