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In-app purchases on Apple devices on the rise : Reports


A recent study shows that iOS app purchases increased in 2017. It has rose by 23%. This figure includes in app purchases as well as paying for premium versions of an app. In app purchases are working for companies, especially for apple who receives a percentage of the money spent. In 2016, the average amount spent by iOS user was $47 USD. That average rose by $11 to reach $58. Although the number of apps in the app store fell for the first time, it would seem the app that remained are doing well.

Game accounts for more than half of the money the average user spends. It accounts for 62 percent of the average users total expenditure. In 2016, same category hold the crown, although the average amount spent was $32. So called “Lifestyle”  apps displayed the most growth in 2017. This includes dating apps such as Tinder and convenience apps like Starbucks. This category more than doubled between 2016 and 2017. They saw a 110 percent increase although the dollar amount is still in the single digits. This group rose only eight percent from the previous year. Keep in mind the study measured the top five categories of apps, so apps that fall under groups such as education are not included here.

Naturally, convenience and social media apps also hold some of the top 5 categories of app install.

The whole study shows that the mobile game industry is still experiencing very healthy growth.

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