Apple acknowledges HomePod white ring issue, says it is normal


Apple has issued a more straightforward reaction to clients encountering issues with HomePod leaving white rings on certain wood surfaces in ordinary utilize. The reaction arrives in a refreshed help article enumerating how to clean and watch over HomePod. Apple portrays the event obviously and not an imperfection.

It is not unusual for any speaker with a vibration-dampening silicone base to leave mild marks when placed on some wooden surfaces.

That reaction recommends Apple knew about this issue (like with dark black iPhone 7 encountering ‘miniaturized scale scraped areas’ which it cautioned clients about) and a fix ought not be normal if it’s not a deformity.

The marks can be caused by oils diffusing between the silicone base and the table surface, and will often go away after several days when the speaker is removed from the wooden surface. If not, wiping the surface gently with a soft damp or dry cloth may remove the marks. If marks persist, clean the surface with the furniture manufacturer’s recommended cleaning process. If you’re concerned about this, we recommend placing your HomePod on a different surface

he somewhat specialized clarification is likewise valued, however the message here isn’t tasteful for influenced clients. The harm may not be changeless, but rather HomePod ought to be intended to use on basic surfaces like wood tables and retires without gambling furniture harm.

The quick turnaround on this is likewise decent to see, yet it unquestionably feels like one more piece to the confuse is missing: does Apple anticipate that clients will acknowledge this or is the assembling procedure changing to stay away from the issue later on?

So far my HomePods are fine on various wood surfaces, however the issue isn’t unprecedented. My 9to5Toys associate Trevor Daugherty experienced it on his work area, and wood is a superior surface for HomePod than glass as far as I can tell up until this point.

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