Apple Acknowledges microphone problem with iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus


In an Internal Document distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers this week, Apple said affected customers may experience a “greyed-out speaker button” during phone calls. A source close to Apple confirmed company’s bewilderment stating, “It’s an extremely rare problem, with a need for repair being rarer”. The issue can also prevent customers who have upgraded to 11.3 from being heard during phone calls or FaceTime video chats or using anything which requires the use of speakerphone.

Apple and its developers are still wondering why iOS 11.3 and subsequent software versions are unintentionally disabling microphones on some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus units. While the other Apple device doesn’t seem to have this problem the company, however, points out that some of the devices may require a “repair”. This clearly means that the latest update might be fiddling with some of the hardware and ceasing it to work properly. Just our guess.

This particular issue seems to have affected a small audience. But the number is pretty much enough for Apple to trigger the repairing steps. There are have been some complaints about microphone issues on iOS 11.3 on certain social media websites like Reddit, Twitter, and the Apple Support Communities in recent months.

Apple has reportedly allowed the repairing of the devices which are even out of warranty as the problem was triggered from their end. The Service providers have been instructed to run audio diagnostics. Devices persisting with the problem will pop up the message saying “device could not detect dock” or “accessory not supported” alert in the phone’s diagnostic pane. If that’s the case, a free of cost repair can be carried out.

In case you belong to the unfortunate group of customers who seem to have encountered the bug,  an appointment with an Apple Authorized Service Provider or with the Genius Bar at an Apple Store via the Contact Apple Support page: iPhone → Repairs & Physical Damage → Unable to Hear Through Receiver or Speakers → Built-in Speaker → Bring In For Repair.

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