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To ramp up AR based R&D, Apple acquires Montreal based Vrvana

Vrvana Totem
Apple has acquired Montreal based Vrvana for $30 Million. Vrvana is a Montreal based AR/ VR startup and developed a headset named Totem

Augmented reality and virtual reality have been two of the most talked about topics in the recent times for the technology world. The likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Google have launched their own VR headset and it seems like Apple is not so far behind with its work on VR and AR.

In the latest development, a TechCrunch media report has confirmed Apple acquiring an AR / VR startup, Vrvana, based out of Montreal, Canada. The deal is rumored to have taken place at $30 Million and according to the report, a part of the team at Vrvana has already joined the Apple team at Cupertino and there has been no update on social media handles of the company since August.

With the details available on the website, Vrvana claims to be an extended reality startup, which makes use of both, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in its product to make the experience more lively for the users. The startup had developed a headset named Totem. The headset never shipped to the users, however, it had got some amazing reviews from the people who had got it for the early hands-on experience. The headset uses a camera for projection, as compared to the transparent glass-based projection by other brands, like Microsoft, Facebook, and even Google.

In the words of Vrvana, the unique thing about their headset is that it is able to provide fully opaque, true-color animations rather than the “ghost-like projection” provided by the other headsets.

Apple, on the other hand, has been working on building the AR capabilities in its devices. With the launch of iOS 11, Apple also launched an AR-Kit which allows developers to build AR based apps for the Apple devices.

The company, however, did not officially speak about the acquisition and stated that it keeps acquiring companies working on different technologies to support the ecosystem.

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