Apple adds Automatic Overnight updates to iOS 9


Apple has brought some of the OS X to iOS 9 with a new automatic installation option that will make iPhones and iPads update themselves with automatic overnight updates. This update brings iOS in line with OS X.

On the desktop if you choose ‘Try Tonight’ it will automatically install available updates between the hours of 2 am to 5 am or whenever you are not using the computer. In addition this update process fully automatic and the computer saves sate, restarts itself when necessary and even displays the same state when the user logs back on again.


This new iOS 9 update appears to follow the same method. A post update pop up window will tell you that the update was successfully installed and will give you the option to read the information about the new changes. Apple has significantly reduced the amount of free space required to install updates on the device, from 4.6GB for iOS 8 to 1.3GB for iOS 9.

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