Apple announces Watch OS 2 at WWDC


Apple has announced that developers will soon be able to build native apps for the Apple Watch. Developers will be able to do things like make their own complications for watch faces. These are things like sports scores, home security readouts, and more.Things like fitness apps will also now run natively on the watch and contribute to activity tracking.

Additionally, Apple Watch OS 2 will have a number of enhancements out of the box. When resting your Apple Watch on its side while it charges at night, it can display a horizontal alarm clock. The digital crown on the watch functions as a snooze button, while the watch’s button turns the alarm off. Apple Watch is also getting exposed wallet coming iOS 9 which allows it to hold your store and reward cards.

You will also be able to make multiple sets of friends in watch OS 2, going beyond your original 12. You’ll also be able to use multiple colors with digital touch drawings. Face time audio will also be supported with watch OS 2.

Siri is getting a boost on the Apple Watch as well. Siri can now be used to reply to emails and start workouts. You can also use the digital assistant to do things like open glances, get mass transit directions, and control HomeKit appliances, right from your watch.

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