Apple to approach court to against a potential iPhone ban in India


Indian Government wants Apple Inc. to install an official anti-spam app, has refused to exempt Apple Inc. from their anti-spam laws. The fight may naturally end up with iPhone getting banned in India. Cold calls and text message spam are a massive problem in India. To address it, the government created a spam-reporting app for both Android and iOS. If someone receives a cold call or spam message the user can directly report it using the app, which will also be forwarded to the Indian regulator, who will take further action on the spammer.

The anti-spam app requires access to both call and message logs, which is something that Apple’s privacy policies does not approve, leading it to reject the app. The Indian government didn’t take this rejection lightly, yet Apple Inc refused to budge leading to a court fight between Apple Inc. and the Indian Government.

Apple had written to the regulations to exempt Apple Inc from the clause to derecognize the non-compliant phones, but the regulatory the regulation cannot be challenged by a mere letter, it would require Apple Inc. to challenge the regulation in court. While Apple refuses to allow an Anti-spam app on its iPhones the same doesn’t comply with other company phones, as the app ‘Do Not Disturb’ has already been made available in the Android Play store.

India has been an important market for iPhones, iPhone SE is also produced in the country exempting it from customs tariffs. While the iPhone looks to improve sales in the country, this news comes as another blow to Apple India.

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