Apple: All apps on the AppStore to have a privacy policy


Apple recently declared that all the apps on its App Store will have to have privacy policies. All app developers will now have to inculcate the policy in their apps, which was first only mandatory for the apps which were subscription based.

Apple communicated this decision through an announcement posted on the App Store Connect portal. It declared that all apps, including those still in the beta phase, will have to include a privacy policy as of October 3, 2018.

Even though Apple didn’t technically specify that the existing apps have to follow their new rule, it is clear that all new apps will have to. A privacy policy works as a medium between the app-user and the developer. It conveys what information the app is gathering from the users and how it is being used. It also specifies their data collection and usage policies to the customers. Such policies tell the users the procedure they have to follow to opt out and delete their personal data.

Why are they changing their privacy policy

Data and privacy policies and their importance came into the limelight after the Facebook – Cambridge major data breach scandal in March. Data from 87 million Facebook users were inappropriately obtained by way of Facebook apps. Through this implementation, Apple would basically protect themselves from situations like Zuckerberg had to face.

This put all major companies in a frenzy and forced them to make changes in their data transparency policies. Europe’s GDPR regulations are also in effect, which has made companies vigilant. Many companies have taken actions and have updated their privacy policies. Apple similarly, would enforce the developers to include a privacy policy. If an app falls into the creek of privacy controversy, its developers would be held accountable. They would be then answerable, on the basis of their own policy.

This would come into effect from October 3, 2018.

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