[Editorial] How Apple became the most valued company in the world?


In 2012, Apple became the most valuable public traded company in history with a 600$ share price, a $620 billion market value and a 1oo billion $ in  annual sales. Apple’s success can’t just be credited to strategic moves, it was a surprising consistency in the way the company worked. The Apple way.

Design and innovation have proved to be where Apple beats the rest time and time again. In the mid 70’s computers were only used by specialists and were not considered an everyday household product. Apple took that long standing thought process and made it an idea of the past. A notion that was considered absurd became the norm. Apple made computers ready for the ‘everyday man’ by using creativity and innovation unheard of during that time.

Apple’s used key techniques to become the well renowned tech giant it is today:

They went beyond fashion and made it the most well thought out design a computer had seen.

They let others do the dirty work. South Korean company SaeHan Information Systems, debuted in March 1998 and was the first mass-produced portable solid state digital audio players, 3 years before the iPod came out and was actually smaller than the iPod. The iPod won because SaeHan spent most of their time in court battling digital lawsuits while Apple spent their time on advertising campaigns that kept people talking long after the campaign ended.

User desirability, technology possibility and market viability combined gave birth to Apple’s design thinking process. Details are scrutinized past just the design of the phone and functions and features are rebuilt to perfection. A problem was studied to find it’s key underlying problem before solving it to make the final version.

‘Design is not just how it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’-Steve Jobs

Its strategy and execution . Apple founded itself in 1976 , released it’s first computer in 1978, IBM released it’s PC in 1981, as Apple’s market share kept declining, Jobs was axed in 1985.Apple struggled a series of failures for 11 years till 1997 due to various failings. They stopped being what got them where they were-Different.

Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. Decisions were made to achieve excellence. The licensing program was stopped, 70% of the new projects were eliminated, its product line went from 15 to 3, its website was used for direct sales, facilities were shut and they moved abroad.

They started designing the initial product as a platform with an architecture that will accommodate the development of the old products.

The root of Apple’s success  was a set of great principles that were committed to great products and services. Design thinking, bold experimentation, it’s CEO as Chief Innovator and its unparalleled strategy and execution.

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