Apple brings new iCloud deal for new users


In order to attract new customers, Apple has introduced a new iCloud storage plan for the newcomers. As per 9to5Mac , the new subscribers would get free storage of 200GB for the initial two months.

This deal would only be available for the customers in the US. This service is exclusive for users who haven’t signed up for the cloud service yet. After the period of two months of free usage, they will be charged $2.99 per month to continue using the service.  Apple already offers a free 5GB plan to its users. They also offer storage options for 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB along with one free month.

Is this offer any good?

This offer would be only available to iPhone upgraders and would allow them to safely backup their old phone and transfer easily to the new iPhone. Apple has introduced this plan primarily to compete with other cloud service providers like Dropbox and Google.  However, this offer isn’t as lucrative as it may sound. Since May, Apple has offered a 30-day free trial to all new applicants. In all, this just gives newcomers an additional month, so the benefits are only worth a mere $3.

As per The Verge’s Gartenberg, this is a strategy being played by Apple to get more customers to use and sign up for their service. Apple users believe that the iCloud service should not be chargeable. They are irked as they have to spend quite a hefty amount to get the device itself.

Since the introduction of the cloud service by Apple in 2011, Apple has consistently offered the initial storage of 5 GB. They have reduced the prices of the paid categories recently. iCloud holds a considerable share in Apple’s revenue, with Appstore being the main earner.

This service would only be available through the 4 main network providers.

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