Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right’


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, gave an interview this evening, where he talked about all of his iPhone routine habits to the value of privacy.

On gadget usage, Cook has said that the time he began using the new Screen Time feature formulated into iOS 12. He started spending a lot on the iPhone. He found he was wasting a lot of time on it. He thought that he was moderately disciplined about it but he was wrong.

He also told that Apple is trying to give users the tool to make their own choices for device usage. Cook then said that while Apple desires users to be incredibly fulfilled and empowered, not to make customers waste all their time on iOS devices.

Cook repeated his stand on privacy and said that it is a fundamental human right. He said it’s not good to aim a finger at firms like Facebook, instead, we need to focus on building the web an “unbelievable place.”

He further stated that consumers can trust Apple to be on their side. They are the trusted authority and company here. Cook also explained that people are not completely aware of how information is used and who can access it. He thinks this must be required to address.

The interviewer asked Cook about if he is concerned about machines taking over the world. Cook said it’s not what he worries about. Rather, he is worried about people converting more machine-like. Cook said something like that he doesn’t think himself to be political.

There are rumours that Apple had entrance to Facebook users’ private data, the new Screen Time feature, and the Trump administration.

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