Apple declared world’s most valuable brand; defeats Google yet again


The 100 most valuable brands on Forbes’ list was published Wednesday. The list begins with Apple at No. 1 with a brand value $182.8 billion, up 8%, followed by the search giant Google, which ranks second overall among the top brands for the third straight year with a brand value of 132.1 billion, up 30%.

Microsoft comes in at No. 3 with a brand value of $104.9 billion, up 21% from the prior year. Facebook ranks No. 4, with a brand value of $94.8 billion, up 29%. And Amazon ranks No. 5 with a brand value of $70.9 billion — up 31% from a year ago. Coca-Cola, Samsung, Disney, Toyota, and AT&T round out the top 10.

The interesting thing, however, to note here is that Google is closing the gap between Apple and itself exponentially. The gap in brand value between the Silicon Valley giants was three times in percentage terms just three years ago ($145.3 billion vs. $65.6 billion).

Google you owe us

However, Apple has still managed to top the list yet again with its ability to generate massive profits; thanks to its hard-core fan base and through the variety of premium pricing products that it introduces everywhere. The popularity and insatiable demand for its products around the globe are too much for every other brand to handle.

Forbes evaluated more than 200 global brands to determine its final list of the 100 most valuable brands, which were required to have a presence in the U.S. Forbes values brands on their financial merits instead of consumer surveys. Below is a breakdown of the top 100 brands by country, industry, gainers and more, plus a detailed methodology of our valuation process. That criteria eliminated some of the biggest international brands, such as Alibaba and Tencent.

Here are some quick stats for you from Forbes website.

Cumulative value for top 100 brands: $2.15 trillion, up 10%

Bigger Gainers: Netflix (35%), PayPal (33%), Amazon (31%), Google (30%), Facebook (29%)

Biggest Declines: Gillette (-11%), H&M (-8%), ESPN (-8%), HP (-6%), American Express (-6%)

New Entries In Top 100 vs. 2017: Volkswagen (#90), RBC (#94), Uniqlo (#96), PayPal (#98), Dell (#99), KFC (#100)

Drop-offs (2017 rank displayed): BBVA (#80), Caterpillar (#82), Target (#89), Subway (#92), Hershey (#94), Coach (#99)

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