Apple demands $1 Billion from Samsung for design patent violations


Samsung has to pay Apple for damages retrial on Apple design patents and for deciding how much Samsung has to pay Apple and Samsung are back in court this week. Samsung was found guilty of breaking the patents back in 2012.

The two companies are battling over the amount of money Samsung should need to repay as a result for the last six years. The main problem between the two companies is whether the losses should be based on the total value of the device, or should Samsung settle a fee-based just on the components of the phone that it copied.

Apple’s belief is that its amount should be based on the full value of the iPhone. Whereas Samsung is fighting that it should give a lesser value for a portion of the iPhone’s value. “They’re seeking profits on the entire phone,” explained Samsung lawyer John Quinn. He further added and said “Apple’s design patents do not cover the entire phone. They are called to profits only on components, not the entire phone.”

Samsung’s request was slightly successful. And the Supreme Court ordered the U.S. Court of Appeals to redetermine the value Samsung owes Apple for the design patent violation, which directs to the trial that’s happening this week.

Apple is claiming $1 billion awards from Samsung during the damages retrial this week. Apple has disputed that while it’s a much of money, “Samsung violated millions and millions and millions of times.” Samsung, meantime, has requested the jury to restrict damages to $28 million.

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