Apple drops requirement for watch app submissions to screenshot of device


Actually Apple had confusing many Apple Watch developers because of the confuse wording in the developer document for iTunes as mentioned in the below picture. The wording indicated that app submissions includes watch app which requires atleast one screen shot of the application taken on the Apple watch device.

Apple drops requirement for Watch app submissions to need screenshots taken on a physical device

How ever, this will be impossible for the developers to submit watch extensions without owning an Apple Watch themselves. This factor may fall on the third party applications because these developers they can’t access to hardware aside from the selected partners Apple worked in Cupertino. Then this requirement has been removed from the Apple’s official website.

Now again the developers are having a chance to approve the thousands of applications before the launch of Apple Watch. Note that developers still cannot submit their Watch app just yet: they are still waiting for Apple to allow WatchKit extensions to be submitted for approval. With the Watch now about a month away, and review times spanning up to two weeks, it is expected that Apple will open up the floodgates in the coming days.

Apple is releasing the Apple Watch in the month of April 24th and its pre-order will starts from 10th of April, this device is coming with a price tag of $349 for sport variant version.

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