Apple earnings are a highlight in action-packed week including Fed meeting, jobs report


The coming week is all set to be action-packed for the investors with earnings, the fed, Trade capable of moving the markets. The market is also watching for headlines on trade.

The one fifth or maybe more of S&P 500 companies are reporting earning which could be a turning point for the whole tech industry who were worried about the phone sales. McDonald’s, Tesla, Merck and CVS Healthcare are among the dozens of others reporting.

It’s not expected to hike rates but the traders are still looking for hints for the economic statements. June meeting might raise the rates as per expected. Also, there are some economic reports including Aprils employments. Some Personal consumption data is also released on Monday, which includes the expansion report the Fed watches most. There are also car sales. And some ISM manufacturing data Tuesday.

These trade issue headlines are now the official headlines in China for the tit for tat trade war. Also, it could have some news on the North American Free Trade Agreement as moderators continue to push for a resolution. That would give positive marks to the markets if there’s more of a framework for an agreement.

More than 130 S&P companies are reporting earnings, but Apple is watching. The stock has crashed and down for more than 4% for the year and more than 10% from its 52-week high. Friday’s employment report is going to be the highlight of the week’s data. Economists expect the economy added 195,000 jobs, up from 103,000 in March.

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