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Apple further expands Self-Driving Car Fleet

Apple is proceeding to increase the number of self-driving vehicles. According to new numbers sourced it is testing on the streets of Northern California.

Apple has on road 55 vehicles which are driven by a total of 83 drivers, up from the 45 vehicles allows the company owned in March. From the last April, Apple has been regularly adding new vehicles to its line. Apple is developing all of the software which is furnished with the independent driving software.

Apple uses Lexus RX450h sports service vehicles outfitted with forwarding LIDAR devices and a collection of cameras for its software testing. California has now provided for fully independent driverless vehicles to be tested on public roads. Apple does not yet hold these grants and all of its vehicles have security drivers inside.

The company has taken thousands of automotive specialists. And has also searched the chances of a full Apple-designed electric vehicle. Apple refocused its works not on a car only on self-driving car software.

It is yet not clear that Apple is thinking to do with the self-driving car software when completed. But it is said that the company could work with different car companies or finally revert to development on its own vehicle. It is said that it may be possible that some of its features that are working can be launched in future further advanced versions of CarPlay.

Rumours have also suggested augmented reality features could be added in the software. It would give standard driving details along with data from apps like Maps.