Apple Families help parents control kids activities online


Apple, today introduced a new Web page called Families that highlights the tools available to parents to make sure that their kids are safe and sound. The First section of that site shows how children can be stopped from loading apps, playing games and viewing content not intended for their age group.

Parents can not only prevent their kids from installing new apps, they also have the ability to turn of mobile Safari browser on their iOS powered phone or tablet.

The new web page Also shows how parents don’t have to keep texting the kids to find out where they are. With Find my friends, parents can know exactly where their kids are, how far are away they are from them and can receive alerts when ever they leave their current location and arrive at a new one. In messages, parents can set up a group chat with the entire family and tap on the “i”  icon to send their location, see the kids location, and view pictures taken by any member of the family.

Family sharing allow each member of the family to have the same apps, movies, TV shows, music and books. A photo album can be created from pictures snapped on the iPhone, up to 2 TB of cloud storage can be shared by the Family.

When police needs to be summoned immediately a quick call to 911 can be made. With 2017 models, hold the side button and either a volume button until a slide bar appears on the screen.

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