Apple files patent for touch based keyboard


The future MacBooks might come with not one but two screens. Having a dual screen device wouldn’t be a new thing as Nintendo 3DS and Lenovo’s 2016 Yoga book have already done that. Apple would be doing the same but with some improvements that will provide a more tactile experience rather than touching a screen to type out words.

We have already seen a glimpse of this in the touch bar that Apple’s MacBook Pro features. In Apple’s MacBook Pro the touch bar, a strip of OLED display replaced the function keys.

Patently Apple has reported that Apple has filed patents for a new type of touch response while using a secondary screen for typing purpose. The device will feature a more realistic touch response and will have force sensors to react to the pressure applied to the screen. This technology is already present in the iPhones since the release of iPhone 6s under the name of 3D touch. The patent also tells about the use of polarizers on the display to reduce the reflection to the minimum so that the two screens don’t interfere with each other.

The new type of keyboard might come with Apple’s haptic feedback system that Apple has patented to give a tactile feedback while pressing the keys. This will be implemented in such a way that the users feel that they are not touching a screen but typing on an actual keyboard.

It wouldn’t be appearing on the MacBook anytime soon but the removal of an actual keyboard goes along with the Apple’s philosophy of removing physical parts from its device. We all remember the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack from the iPhone 7 and the removal of Touch ID from the iPhone X and possibly the new iPad pro.

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