Apple fires engineer for letting daughter leak iPhone X hands-on video


In an unfortunate incident, Apple has reportedly fired an engineer working from its campus for letting his daughter leak an iPhone X video. According to Brooke Peterson, girl who published the video on Youtube, Apple has fired her dad in connection to the video she had posted earlier.

Last week, a video went viral on YouTube in which, Brooke was seen talking about iPhone X. The video was shot at a cafe inside the Apple campus in California. The video showed some confidential information using a number of codenames for Apple products and a few QR codes, which were supposed to be used within the Apple campus. A number of users on Youtube had pointed out that the video was not approved by Apple.

Brooke Peterson, the same girl posted yet another video on Youtube on the weekend talking about how the video went viral. Also, she spoke about her dad being fired by Apple over the same issue. Though there is still no word by Apple over this issue and it is highly unlikely that the tech giant will issue any statement over this. A number of people also termed it as a marketing tactic, however, the same does not seem true in this case. Brooke’s father was working as a radio frequency engineer in Apple Campus, California.

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