Apple is hiring people to improve Siri


Siri, the personal digital assistant present on the Apple devices is lagging behind the rivals by some margin. When it comes to personal digital assistants like Alexa and Google assistant are able to handle more tasks. In the recent Homepod, Siri is unable to handle non-music commands. Thinkium has discovered that Apple is trying to solve this issue as it is hiring engineers to work on Siri. A total of 161 positions have been listed by Apple as of the end of March.

There are positions for Siri software engineers tackling “General Knowledge” and the “Knowledge Graph”. A position for machine learning expert is also there along with multiple engineers to handle areas like Proactive Intelligence (Siri’s ability to anticipate info you might need), the SiriKit developer framework and speech generation.

It is necessary for Apple to start working on improving Siri as other digital assistants are getting smarter day-by-day. Alexa and Google Assistant sound a lot more natural when compared to Siri and the results show that they are performing better in the other fields as well. One of the main issue with Siri is that it cannot tell the weather details from the past dates, whereas the Google Assistant had no problem in doing so. These minor flaws affect Apple when it comes to Personal Digital Assistants. The same Apple which is quite famous for its attention to detail misses out when it comes to Siri’s abilities.

The Apple’s hiring campaign is still in progress and it will take a while before any of the changes appear before the public. It takes some time for the staff to get along and start working on the project with full efficiency. This means Siri won’t get a lot of improvement in the upcoming iOS 12 update. The new Siri might come out in 2020 or later.

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