Apple holds talks with UAE government to get FaceTime ban lifted


The U.A.E government has banned Facetime and Skype services. Apple and Microsoft are making efforts to talk to them to bid their bans. The efforts were confirmed by the director general of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

FaceTime doesn’t work on iPhones sold in the U.A.E. It can still be available if the device was bought from somewhere else. So many people still able to process or use them via Virtual Private Networks.

Due to some reasons, some other Middle Eastern countries like Qatar have also banned Facetime. Saudi Arabia has somehow removed a ban in September.

Becuase of the vast wealth of U.A.E, it makes a significant part for Apple despite of smaller market. Apple has three stores in UAE, one at Dubai other at Abu Dhabi. Apple is putting all its effort to work in these markets.

Apple has always bounded with controversy in the countries with censorship and mass surveillance. Apple has eagerly complied with the request to pull titles from the App Store. It has brought its local iCloud data within government reach.

Tim Cook, however, has defended his involvement in these censorships. Also claiming that their participation will lead to change.

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