Apple officially delays HomePod launch to early 2018

Apple has officially delayed the launch of HomePod to early 2018. The company hasn't stated a particular reason to delay the launch.


Apple has given a small setback to all the fans waiting to experience the breakthrough product, HomePod before the end of this year. HomePod is a smart speaker from Apple, which is set to feature Siri and follow the voice commands to play the desired music.

In an official statement, Apple stated that though the company cannot wait for its customers to experience HomePod asap, it is still doing some changes in the product and will not be able to launch it within the ongoing year. The company also added that the shipment of HomePod will start early next year and United States, United Kingdom, and Australia will be the first countries where this will ship.

Though the company did not share any concrete reason as to what has caused this delay, AirPlay 2 integration could be one of the reasons. HomePod will use AirPlay 2 as one of the factors and the company has been aggressively teasing its new smart speaker with the latest audio streaming technology.

Apple had first talked about HomePod at the WWDC conference in June this year. Earlier, it was slated to launch in December, and of late, the company had also released few more hints, which did confirm the development to launch the speaker before the end of this year. However, now we will have to wait till 2018 to get our hands on the product. It could be launched as early as January or it might get stretched to a month or two.

We will keep you updated with all the developments in this regard. Feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section.

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