Apple instructs developers to use iOS 11 JDK


Apple wants to progress as fast as it can. And they are pretty serious about it. Apple seems to be implementing its latest iOS 11 to all users aggressively. Apple Inc on its official developer portal instructor to shift to iOS 11 foundation as soon as possible.

Apple has instructed all the users to submit the newer versions of their apps completely based on the latest iOS 11 JDK. Which means that any new update that an app gets must be developed on the iOS 11 JDK. Also, they have announced that all the new app updates must be compatible with the iPhone X’s new Super Retina Display.

Well, this isn’t new from Apple. Apple from time to time forces the SDK upgrades to ensure that their latest iteration of iPhone supports all the apps that are available on the AppStore. Also, according to Apple using the latest version of SDK and JDK ensures that the application is secured. Moreover, Apple has always been strict about its policy of removing and de-listing apps that are broken and aren’t receiving any support from developers. However, Apple alerts the developers before removing the app from AppStore as a chance to fix the bug or the problem.

On a larger scale, this can be seen as the Apple’s long-term plan for preparing developers to support their three new iPhones which are expected to be launched this fall. With all the three devices being 5.8, 6.5 and 6.1-inches; which are bigger than the iPhone 8’s 5.5-inch model, Apple is aiming at the bigger picture. The former two models will be supporting an OLED screen and the latter an LCD. All the three devices will be sporting high-resolution display. As the screen gets bigger the higher resolutions must be apple to support the pixels density so that the pixels aren’t distorted. Well played Apple. Well played!

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