Apple to integrate Genius Lyrics in their Apple Music, Support for Lyrics


Apple’s new collaboration with Genius to embed lyrics function with Apple Music

Apple and Genius today announced a partnership which would embed the lyrics from the Genius into Apple Music app, connecting with its huge library of the database. Apple has offered lyrics as part of its Apple Music subscription service since iOS 10.

This announcement marks the partnership to bring over a huge database collection of lyrics in correspondence to the Apple Music app. This will ensure the accuracy and the number of lyrics of various other songs.

Genius says it will provide Apple Music with lyrics on 1000 of songs. Apple Music boasts a >50 million large selection of music tracks, but in reality, 95% of customers will listen to the same collection of a few 1000 popular songs.

Much straightforward than Spotify’s Integration

Unlike Genius’ Spotify integration, Apple will not be linking the Genius trivia information. It’s lyrics only.

Apple gets lyrics data from several different databases and sources & does not advertise which data provider it is using for each song.

Some lyrics are curated by Apple’s own editorial teams. The Genius lyrics will be added to Apple Music in the same way, so users won’t start seeing Genius logos inside the app.

A Joint Partnership with the company to expand the growth

On the Genius side, the company is rolling out Apple Music embedded players inside its web experience and mobile apps.

Similar to what Apple launched earlier this year for its own online preview pages, the player plays 30 second snippets of songs by default but users can log in with their Apple Music account to play full-length tracks from the mini player.

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