Apple iOS 8 : Best of features and interface


Apple iOS 8 is a reality for all the iPhone users. IOs 8 update started to roll out for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users on September 17th. Since then, this update has been downloaded and installed by millions of apple users all over the world.

The new version of iOS comes with a lot of great things. Continuity is a feature which is introduced for the first ever time in an operating system, which makes your do the same work on all the Devices running Mac or iOS simultaneously.

Apple has also started to support custom keyboards for the first time, so it becomes very exciting for the developers as well as the users to try out some different type and design of keyboards without jailbreaking the phone.

However, the announcement of Apple iOS 8 has come with a lot of new excitements. Let’s have a look at the best features of Apple iOS 8

Best features of Apple iOS 8

Design stands out, yet again

apple ios 8 design

Apple has been one of the industry leader just because of the great interface and design. The new iOS 8 is nothing less. The new interface shows a lot of new options which are creative as well as time saving.


The notification bar, which is the main priority for any smartphone user has been designed to give a new experience to the users.

While you are using an app on your iPhone and suddenly an important mail or a text message arrives, now you do not need to go to the Messaging app to reply to the text or the mail, however, you will get the option to reply right in the notification bar to save your time and efforts.

The same happens when you get an email. You can either reply to that or mark the mail as read right from the notification bar. If you are into the mail app, you just need to tap and drag onto the right to mark that mail as read.

iOS 8 mail settings


The contacts, got a new makeover as well. There is a new interface which is known as multitasking interface. To activate the multitasking interface, you need to tap onto the home button twice and regardless of which screen you are on, the multitasking interface will be there on your screen.

Multitasking interface iOS 8

The multitasking interface lets you choose the apps which are currently active as well as the contacts with whom you have interacted recently. The contact bar at the top of multitasking interface has the list of your favorite contacts as well the favorites. You can mail, call or text them with the help of a single tap.

Safari on Apple iOS 8


Safari for iPad has an updated look too. The options and interface, which were available for iPhone till now will also be available for the iPad users. With a single tap, managing the bookmarks, subscriptions and history would be possible even on the iPad.

Health becomes a big priority

Health has always been a big priority for the general public and Apple has taken care of that fact pretty nicely in the new version of iOS. In the new iOS 8, most of the health apps and services are combined at a single place to give you more researched and refined data.

iOS 8 health app


The new health app on iOS 8 works together with all the other health apps installed on your device to get the data related to every single aspect of your health being Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Pulse rate, Cholesterol level etc. With the help of a single touch, you will actually be able to know about the exact condition of the major organs of your body and their functioning.

apple iOS 8 health monitor

The health app, can also be configured to show your health data on the lock screen so that you do not need to open the health app every time you look for your blood pressure. The healthkit on iOS 8 also takes care of the calories burnt in one whole day and give you a proper work plan on how much calories you need to lose and gain every day.

Photography has a whole new interface

With the launch of iOS 8, the users who have always been worried about keeping their pictures safe and organized, will be the happiest ones. Apple iOS 8 comes with whole new bunch of features for the users.

The camera has always been a plus point for the iPhone users. The camera quality provided by an 8 MP Apple camera is way better than 13 MP camera quality provided by various other manufacturers.

Photo Editing Features iOS 8


The picture library in iOS 8 is the best addition in terms of photos. With the picture library, named as iCloud, you can organize your photos and videos in the cloud with less or almost no efforts. Apple iCloud is all about managing the pictures and videos online, once you enable the feature of syncing your data with iCloud, all the photos and videos taken from the iOS camera go to the iCloud.

iOS 8 photo collection

The best thing about iCloud syncing is that the pictures which are uploaded on the iCloud will be of the original size and the resolution. The photo app will, however make a less resolution version of the same to keep in your device to handle the memory issues. The uploaded content, then becomes available for you to access from across the web and from any device.

Quick Photo editing features iOS 8

Organizing the content is another good stuff which comes preloaded with iOS 8. The photos which are being sent to the cloud will automatically be organized with labels like collections, B’day Party, Year and any other caption which you want to give.
The organized content becomes very easy to access from any device which has an internet connectivity. All you need is the login details of your apple account.

Another great thing about the new photo interface is that, you can edit your pictures in the way you want and upload them over the cloud and once, when you change your mind to revert those changes, you can do that with just a single click, so that means you do not have to have various versions of the same image.

iCloud gives 5 GB of free space right at the time you sign up for the service. Once you use that 5 GB of free space, you need to subscribe for a paid package which start from 0.99$/month.

Messaging is even more fun now

The term instant messaging has been around the corner since a bit of time now and the integration of it is seen in the new message feature. To make messaging more fun, Apple has come up with a lot of new features inside the message app.

iOS 8 messaging interface


It is not easy for the users to send and receive messages, name a conversation, share location inside the conversation, send photos, organize the attachments within the conversation, send videos and images and a lot more of things.

iOS 8 voice message interface


The conversation has a lot of new and improved features for the group chat. Anyone in the group chat can leave or remove any member at any point of time. The conversation name can be changed at any point by anyone, you can share multiple videos and images with the participants of a conversation and share location for how much ever time you want.


It will not be baseless to say that the new messaging app is inspired by the instant messaging applications like Telegram, WhatsApp and many other already into the market. At the same time, when iOS 8 was announced, there were rumors that WhatsApp founder was not happy to see those features in iOS 8 without his permission.

iOS 8 is more on cloud than in your phone

iOS 8 comes with a full integration of iCloud drive. iCloud drive has the basic motto same as that of the other cloud service providers, however, there are many new features which the users will be able to experience in the new iOS version

iCloud on iOS 8

iCloud drive can be synced with all the iDevices and that could just turn out to be an awesome feature in near future when Apple iOS 8 becomes available for the general public. The users can now store the important files on iCloud which can be synced and accessed across the web. While you are on an iDevice, the access to those files will become even easier.


iCloud comes with a real time data transfer, that means, if you are editing a document from cloud in your iPhone, the same will get updated on your Mac as well at the same time. Using this features, the developers, or the website designers will benefit the most as they can see how the app or the website which they are developing looks on various devices. You can even start writing a document on one device and eventually you can give the final touch on the other, it is like, if you are making a presentation, then the content part can be finished on your Mac and if you have the photographs on your iPad or iPhone, then the same document you can open in the other device to continue editing.

Everything is now connected (Thanks to continuity)

How about you typing an important mail to someone from your iPhone and suddenly you realize you need to attach a presentation from your Mac?



The most usual way to continue would either be to download that attachment to your phone and then to attach the same to the mail, or to save the mail to a draft in your phone and then open it in Mac and continue editing.


With the continuity feature in iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite, you can now resume the work from wherever you left it. The real time interaction between the devices is a great feature which has been launched for the first time and it has a promising use for the users.


While browsing casually on your phone, if you get onto a web page which you think is really important for you and you want to start browsing on your Mac from the same page, continuity provides you that option.

With the same feature, now you can turn your Mac into your iPhone and your iPhone into the iPad. You can send and receive texts and calls from the Mac when you are working on it and you do not want to use iPhone or when iPhone is on charge somewhere nearby. The interface looks really cool as well.

Typing is a great experience with iOS 8

If you get a message from your girlfriend asking if you would like to join her for dinner tonight, even before you start typing, keyboard shows you a suggestion saying yes or No. That means the new iOS keyboard is smart and understanding.

iOS 8 keyboard


The keyboard also keeps giving suggestion once you start typing something. The memory of your phone predicts on which word you are going to type next, on the same basis, it also remains aware about the kind of conversation you are having with whom.
For example, while you are into the messaging app, the word suggestion shown would be a little casual based on the way you type, at the same time, if you are writing a mail to someone, the suggestion would contain the formal words.

Third Party keyboards iOS 8


For the first ever time, Apple has approved the use of third party keyboards. Which means that the users will get a lot of new designs of the keyboards to choose and play with. The developers are really excited about the new version of iOS and the features like this are the most important ones.

There are several other features iOS has along with the ones I mentioned in this post. iOS 8 is surely going to hit the world this fall and we expect some fireworks with it.

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