Apple iOS 8 – Most useful hidden tricks


So iOS 8 has started to roll out for the iDevices and here I bring to you a list of those hidden features which can be so handy at times.

1. Credit Card Scanner Right inside the Browser

Credit Card Scanner iOS 8

Let’s think you are making a purchase and it needs a credit card. You take out your credit card, enter the credit card number and approve the transaction and after everything is done, a popup just shows up saying you entered wrong credit card details. Well, I know, this can be really disappointing.

iOS 8 has a solution for this. Within the browser, when you are making a purchase, you will have an option of holding your credit card in front of camera and eventually, the browser will get the credit card number, the name of credit card holder, as well as the expiry date and put all the details in the right fields. That saves a lot of time as well as it makes sure that there is no typo while entering the credit card details.

2. All the favorite contacts right on top

Favorite Contacts iOS 8

This is yet another great feature which has been introduced with iOS 8. iOS 8 will collect data about the most favorite contacts of yours (depending on the number of times you call/text a person). All those contacts will be available right at the top of your screen, all you need to do is to press the home button twice and the favorite contacts will show up on the top. With a single tap on the contact, you can call or text that number.

3. Weather app shows data for 9 days

Weather App iOS 8

The weather app is another good thing which happened in iOS 8. With the new Weather app, you can just slide down to view a 9 days weather forecast, sun rise and sunset time and a lot more info.

4. Hide a photo with a single tap

Tap to hide photo iOS 8

Everyone has those moments in life which are private and can not be shared with anyone. If you also have some of those moments captured in form of pictures, you can hide those with a single tap. Just tap on the photo and hold it for a while, the hide option will show up. Just tap on hide. Doing so, will hide that particular item from year, calender and gallery. However, you can still find that item in the hidden folder of your collections.

5. Change the home screen from color to black and white

Black and white screen iOS 8

Everyone likes experimenting with the phone. You might like that too. In a simple trick, which changes your mobile interface from color to black and white, just navigate to Settings >> General >> Accessibility and tap on GrayScale.

6. Better voice commands

Voice commands iOS 8

If you have used voice command feature in iOS 7, then you must be remembering that only after you are done with speaking, it shows the text on screen. Well, that is not the case in the new version of iOS, as you speak, it will show the text on screen, so that you do not need to start all over again if you skip a word.

That’s all for this article, stay tuned for more updates.

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