Apple iOS 9 vs iOS 8 : Comparison


Apple announced iOS 9 at World Wide Developers Conference. In this article let us compare the Apple’s latest iOS 9 Vs iOS 8 to know what are the changes and the difference between these two operating System.

Siri and Spotlight search:

One of the major overhauls in iOS 9 can be found with Siri. The digital voice assistant has received a colorful face lift, but it’s what’s going on behind the scenes that is more interesting. The new interface display is better when compare to previous version.

Siri has been, until now, a reactive service and in iOS 8 you have to prompt your personal assistant. That’s changed in iOS 9 with Apple making her a proactive assistant.

Apple’s Spotlight Search on iOS devices also benefits from the new and improved Siri, with app suggestions, keys contacts and other location and time specific info displayed on the main search page when you swipe left from your home screen. It is also possible to search the videos which is not possible under iOS 8

Apple Pay :

iOS 9 gave boost up to the Apple Pay, but this is only supported by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus along with Apple Watch. Apple Pay on iOS 8 is compatible with a handful of US bank cards, but that support gets extended with iOS 9 to more providers including Discover, plus the service rolls out to users in the UK too. In latest iOS users can add credit cards, debit cards, reward cards and many under the wallet which is equivalent to passbook under iOS 8.

Apple Maps :


There’s weren’t any major changes to Apple Maps with iOS 8, just some minor tweaks here and there. iOS 9 on the other hand brings a significant upgrade to the app in the form of Transit. Now Maps can show you train, subway, bus and walking information, with routing options similar to Google Maps.


Application Switching :

In iOS 8 we have seen multi tasking for contact shortcuts, but for large application it’s difficult to run many application at a time. This has been improved in iOS 9, with app previews now appearing as stacked cards, allowing you to flip through open applications far more easily and quickly, while getting a better overview on just how many you have open.

Battery performance :

In iOS 8 we can’t find no clear battery saving mode. You’re left to your own devices to turn off data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc to conserve power. Where as in iOS 9 we will find a low power mode option which provides you additional hours of typical usage.

When compare to iOS 8 the battery performance is good in iOS 9, especially by using Low Power Mode users can extend their battery performance when you required.

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