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Apple iPhone SE 2 : Complete list of leaks, rumors & expectations

Apple iPhone SE 2 featuring Apple A10 processor with all glass design and a smaller 4.0-inch screen is expected to launch in March 2018.

Updates (24-03-2018): Some sketchy rumours suggest that the new iPhone SE will be manufactured exclusively in India. Apple had recently started manufacturing iPhone SE in India as it was a lucractive market for Apple. Unless the iPhone SE 2 is only sold in India, it just seems unnecessary to build the SE 2 in India and export it globally when Apple’s Chinese partners like Foxconn and Pegatron are already set up to do that. India might not even have the infrastructure to support Apple’s scale.

Updates (18-03-2018): Design: There are some images of what is being considered as the back case of iPhone SE2. The new iPhone SE might feature a glass back similar to the previous year’s iPhone while maintaining the look similar to the current SE model. This means that it could be charged wirelessly as well as it could break easily on hitting the floor. We are all aware of the exorbitant amount of money Apple charges to fix the glass.

There has been a video going around the internet which features a phone which has been claimed to be the new iPhone SE. The video shows a small form factor phone similar to the SE with the fullscreen display along with a notch at the top. This hybrid of iPhone X and iPhone SE is being shunned by skeptics who claim that it is just a Chinese phone with iOS themed skin.

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By the looks of it. If the phone has the same physical feature as that of the iPhone X. This will result in a conflict between the most economical iPhone and the most expensive iPhone. If we go by the specs of the iPhone X. The true depth camera as well as other features will significantly increase the price of the new SE2. This will mean that iPhone SE2 will lose it’s crown of the most economical iPhone.

Except for Apple, every other tech-enthusiasts is certainly clear about the upcoming Apple iPhone SE 2 AKA, the Apple iPhone SE 2nd generation. So, here are the things that we know about the upcoming iPhone from the only iPhone maker.

Pricing: With the Apple iPhone X costing more than $999, the Apple iPhone SE 2 is expected to be priced under $499, which makes this the cheapest iPhone at the time of the launch. According to rumours and speculations, the iPhone SE 2 is expected to cost $449 for the entry-level model with 64 GB onboard flash storage.

Golden screen size: Apple iPhone SE 2 will stick with the much loved 4.0-inch screen, though the screen size might feel small around the smartphones with an average 5.99-inch screen size, for the users with small hands this is a golden size with a lot of grips and an easy single-handed usage. Unluckily, Apple is the only brand that is making flagship smartphones with a 4.0-inch display.

Design: The Apple iPhone SE 2 is expected to feature all-glass unibody solution like the one on the Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone X. The glass design will enable the smartphone maker to implement fast wireless charging with Ip67 water and dust resistance rating. As expected Apple will ditch 3.5 mm headphone jack in favour of the lightning port. The new design is welcome but the all-glass unibody design just increases the chances of breaking the phone twice compared to the metal unibody design.

Camera: The Apple iPhone SE 2 offers a single 12 MP shooter at the back with OIS and 4K video recording capability. For the selfie camera, the smartphone offers a 7 MP selfie camera with 1080p video recording capability. This camera is a huge upgrade over the original Apple iPhone SE, which offers a lot of bells and whistles.

Processor and RAM: The smartphone maker might settle for Apple A10 processor over the Apple A11 Bionic chipset. Thought this is a year old chipset, this processor is pretty powerful to drive anything that one can expect. In terms of day to day usage, the device should be able to keep up with the most of the smartphones.

Bigger battery: The Apple iPhone SE 2 will feature a particularly bigger battery. Though the exact battery size hasn’t been specified, the bigger battery will offer improved battery life and fast charging capability.  Considering the smaller screen size, even an incremental update should offer improved battery life.

To conclude, the Apple iPhone SE 2 will be a true upgrade over the original Apple iPhone SE. For those who are waiting for a new iPhone with a smaller display, the smartphone maker will not disappoint what so ever. What do you think about the Apple iPhone SE 2? Share your views in the comment box.