How Apple keeps sms/mms and call relays protect and secure


Apple users should aware about that they can relay sms/mms and calls from iPhone to any other Apple devices includes Mac and iPad. This is an amazing feature, that means if your iPhone is not near by you and no need to run for it to take or make a text or call. As long as you can logged in to the same Apple ID on all your devices like Mac and iPad. It is easy to do and also keeps your Protect and secure. If you are not aware follow the steps given below :

Keeping it relayed 

Generally most of the users have personal sms/mms and also calls. If any one wants to communicate, you need have to make sure that it’s only you. That’s the reason why Apple uses our Apple ID to make sure only the devices you have logged into the ones that you have send or receive ours texts and calls. Even it is possible to sign into iMessage in specific as well. For call relay they have to be signed in with Face Time as specific as well.

Texts can be Protected

When you logged into iMessage on all your devices, and your iPhone receives sms/mms, it will automatically forward to your iPad or Mac. If you send a message from your iPad or Mac, it sends to Apple’s messaging service, down to your iPhone, and then out over your carrier’s network as a standard SMS/MMS. Even all the devices will work from different networks and all the devices will be protected using same end to end encryption as iMessage itself.

Calls for all

If you logged into FaceTime on all your devices, Apple will sends a message via APN system to Mac and iPad at a time and suppose any of them on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone, they’ll present you with the incoming call interface.

You can Answer on your iPad or Mac and iPhone will transfer the call over using peer-to-peer technology similar to FaceTime audio. Make a call on iPad or Mac, and your iPhone will likewise be alerted over APN, and then relayed the voice data over peer-to-peer link.

Both the directions uses APN the same end-to-end encryption as iMessage, and the transfer uses a secure peer-to-peer link as FaceTime.


Texts simply require all your devices to be online and calls require them to be on the same Wi-Fi network, where as sms/mms and call relay work differently. But for both access can be possible with Macs and iPads.


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