Apple looking to hire Intel Engineers for future Macs


In an article published on 9to5Mac. Apple “has reportedly poached multiple engineers and research staff from Intel for a new facility in Washington County, close to the chipmaker’s home base.”

The hiring process was started in the month of November and seems to support the rumours that Apple is trying to replace the Intel processors. Earlier reports suggested that Apple is planning to launch a redesigned Mac Pro with a custom processor.

According to a local site Oregon Live.

“Apple has a secret in Washington County. The Silicon Valley company has hired close to two-dozen people in a hardware engineering lab there, raiding Intel and other Oregon tech employers for a variety of roles, according to job postings, social media profiles and an individual familiar with Apple’s recruiting efforts […]

LinkedIn profiles indicate Apple has been hiring for its Washington County site since November and that a number of its new employees previously held senior research or engineering roles at Intel.”

The position requires ‘design verification expertise,’ i.e. the ability to compare a finished product with the original design specification to ensure that it fully meets requirements.

Along with the new Mac, rumours also suggest that Apple is working on an ARM-based hybrid device which has been code-named ‘Star’

Bloomberg has claimed that Apple is looking forward to releasing the new Mac Pro as early as 2020 which will feature an Apple processor instead of an Intel one.

The move of bringing Intel’s engineer is further going to confirm the theory as their expertise would certainly boost the pace of Apple’s custom processor development.

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