Apple loses lawsuit against independent repair shop in Norway


The independent repair shops for Apple gadgets are fighting for the right to repair. The bill allows the customers easier access to parts and repair tools if a repair is warranted. This, on the other hand, it could force the manufacturers to not alter designs and features in the name of easier repairability.

An article published by Motherboard, Apple sued Henrik Huseby, the owner of an electronics repair shop in Norway. He was fixing Apple iPhone screens using third-party displays. Apple was asking for a settlement which included a fine of 27,700 Norwegian Krone ($3,566) and needed him to submit all the documents related to the screens to Apple. The screens were to be destroyed. This happened after Norway customs officials stopped 64 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s display replacement shipments from delivering to Henrik’s shop from Asia. The screens were found to be fake and Apple was informed.

“That’s a letter I would never put my signature on,” Huseby told in an email. “They threw all kinds of claims against me and told me the laws and acted so friendly and just wanted me to sign the letter so it would all be over. I had a good lawyer that completely understood the problem, did good research, and read the law correctly.” He decided to fight the case.

Apple sued him. The local news agencies reported that Apple had five lawyers in the courtroom working on the case, but Huseby won. Apple has appealed the decision to a higher court; the court has not yet decided whether to accept the appeal.

This victory could be a step towards solving the problem faced by independent iPhone repair shops around the world. Apple’s use of the legal system and trademark law turns average repair professionals into criminals and helps the company corner the repair market for Apple products.

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